Pitch Brad and Seth at Glue

April 1, 2009     |     posted by gluecon

Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur and you’re looking for some professional, one-on-one feedback from someone who invests for a living. Maybe you’re ready for the formal pitch, or maybe you just need some substantive advice as you prepare for your real round of money-raising. Have we got a plan for you!

Brad Feld and Seth Levine (both of Foundry Group) have decided they’d like to spend an hour hearing pitches and offering feedback.

Here’s how it works:

1. Register for Glue.  (use “pitch1″ to take $100 off of the price.)

2. Shoot me [enorlin AT mac.com] (or Brad or Seth) a paragraph describing what you wanna pitch.

3. Brad and Seth will pick 6 startups.

4. Your pitch will be 5 minutes (in a room with just them; no “big stage” pressure), and 5 minutes of honest feedback from two great VCs.

5. If you register and don’t get picked, fear not — the guys have vowed to make themselves uber-available during Glue (for a hallway pitch).

You get a great conference experience, the chance to meet with other great folks, and the chance for some serious feedback from two professionals.  Join us!


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